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Tuscaloosa Home Inspections Services, Alabama’s Professional Inspectors Company

State-Certified Home Inspectors Company | Licensed Commercial Building Inspection Services in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

State-Certified Home Inspectors Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

We are A B Home Inspections of Tuscaloosa County. We’ve been inspecting homes since 2000 with a focus on thoroughness, customer service, and same-day reporting. What do we offer? More than anything we help the home-buyer by providing Peace of mind! Is the house your looking at really your dream home? What about commercial property? A thorough inspection will help you make the right decision when buying a home or investing in commercial real estate.

Time is critical for both buyers and sellers. We have printers and laptops in the truck, so you can get your home inspection report before we even leave. Save time and move in faster with A B Home Inspections.

Residential Homes & Commercial Buildings Inspections Services for Tuscaloosa-area Buyers

Just curious, what’s the largest purchase you plan to make in your lifetime? Unless you’re rich and famous with a Yacht obsession, chances are good that a home will be your largest single purchase. Protect your investment with a quality home inspection before you buy. You did your research. You’ve looked at school districts, HOA rules, distance to work, and a number of other factors. It’s completely exhausting! I know because I’ve been there myself. But once you zero in on a house you like, you need another set of eyes on the property to make sure it really is a sound investment.If you think you’ve found “the one” in or near Tuscaloosa, trust A B Home Inspections for an unbiased, professional opinion.

What’s in my Home Inspection Report?

We cover ten critical areas in your report:

  1. Kitchen Appliances
  2. Heating
  3. Air Conditioning
  4. Electrical
  5. Ventilation
  6. Roofing
  7. Plumbing
  8. Insulation
  9. Exterior
  10. Building Structure

Same-day reports include a detailed narrative, high-resolution images, checklists, and anything else your inspector feels you need to know about the home or commercial space. If you’re concerned about radon or mold, we have specialized testing equipment to give you even more peace of mind. Attics to Basements…and everything in between. That’s been our motto since we started inspecting homes over 17 years ago.

Where do we offer Licensed Home Inspection Services?

A B Home Inspections serves all of Tuscaloosa County, Bibb County, Jefferson County, and many surrounding areas. We inspect homes and commercial spaces all across central Alabama. If you’re not sure, just call! But here’s a partial list of areas we serve in and around Tuscaloosa:

Tuscaloosa, Northport, Brookwood, Coaling, Coker, Lake View, Moundville, McCalla, Vance, Woodstock, Cottondale, Holt, Caffee Junction, Duncanville, Fosters, Kimbrell, Ralph, Samantha, Sandtown, Taylorville, New Lexington, Centreville, West Blockton

That’s just a partial list of the places we cover, but you’re probably not sold on working with us until we answer the question. You know, Roll Tide or War Eagle. We’re with you T-Town… ROLL TIDE!

Druid City Home Inspections

Each and every one of our clients will receive either an on-site report or same-day reporting depending on circumstances in the field. Speedy reporting makes the decision-making process go faster. And that might have you in your new home sooner. Tuscaloosa agents and home-buyers have learned to trust us over the years to deliver timely, accurate reporting. Reach out to 205.253.3340 to get your inspection scheduled today.

Professional Homes Inspecting Services Tuscaloosa Alabama