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Residential Home Inspections Services, Certified Inspectors Tuscaloosa, Alabama

State-Certified Home Inspectors Company | Licensed Commercial Building Inspection Services in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tuscaloosa Alabama Home Inspectors Company

Professional Residential Homes Inspecting Services for Tuscaloosa County

Our Home Inspectors are State-Certified to perform home and commercial building inspections throughout Tuscaloosa County and the surrounding areas. With over seventeen years in business, our team of Tuscaloosa Home Inspectors has the background and experience to deliver you a professional and thorough home inspection report before you buy.

Your Certified Home Inspector will suggest maintenance recommendations and look for major problems you should be aware of. We’ll brief you on our finding before we leave and provide a detailed report. However, there are four categories that really matter to the prospective homebuyer, and you should pay extra attention to these areas:

Residential Home Inspections Services Tuscaloosa Alabama
  1. Major Defects – Any items that must be addressed prior to move-in
  2. Maintenance Items – Anything that will lead to major defects later on
  3. Anything that might prevent you from financing, insuring, or occupying your new home
  4. Safety Hazards – These must be addressed immediately

Residential Home Inspection Services

Your standard home inspection service will cover all of the main areas you want to inspect prior to move-in. However, some Tuscaloosa home-owners are concerned with less-common problems such as mold, radon gas, pest infestation, or wiring hot-spots. These problems might be rare, but if you suspect there might be a problem, it’s best to have a licensed building inspector check things out. AB Home Inspections has a unique toolset to assist in those areas. We offer professional laboratory mold testing, radon gas inspections, and our infrared thermal imaging camera can see hidden pests and electrical hazards behind walls. Keep reading to learn more.

Licensed Residential & Commercial Building Inspectors Tuscaloosa Cottondale AL

Tuscaloosa’s Mold Testing Experts Services

Mold and mildew serve a function in nature. They break down organic materials in humid and moist environments. However, in the home mold can concentrate in the air and pose a health risk to your family and pets. What’s worse, is that you might not immediately be aware of the problem.


Mold in the home can be a hidden health risk. Given humid conditions, mold can attack almost all of the common building materials used in a Tuscaloosa-area home. Leaky pipes might provide you with a visual clue, but mold isn’t always in a place you can spot. It can be hidden behind walls, in the crawlspace, or even the attic. Our team can bring a professional mold test kit to your home or business and have a lab-certified mold testing report delivered to you within a few days.

Professional Mold Testing Company Tuscaloosa Alabama

Professional Radon Gas Testing and Inspection Services

Radon is an odorless, colorless, but certainly not harmless gas that seeps up from the ground. In fact, it’s the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the US. The Tuscaloosa area does have a high concentration of radon in our soils. So, it’s certainly not a bad idea to have your home tested for this radioactive gas. Newer construction is especially prone to higher levels due to the energy efficiency improvements in recent years. There are less cracks and openings for the gas to escape through in a modern home, so levels might be higher. A B Home Inspections offers radon testing services to Tuscaloosa and surrounding communities in addition to our standard home inspection service.

Infrared Thermography Inspections Services

Have you ever seen the movie Predator? The space alien and antagonist throughout the film used infrared imaging to see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character behind trees and rocks in the jungle. That technology isn’t really science fiction, and we use it frequently in our home inspection services. We can search for animal nests inside walls or find loose wiring connections that might pose a fire risk. If you suspect there might be animals infesting your walls, we can send one of our state-certified home inspectors to investigate with our infrared thermographic equipment.

Landscaping and Pool Inspections Services in Tuscaloosa, AL

In addition to inspecting everything inside your home, we want to make sure your property does not contain any hidden issues you might not be aware of. If the home includes a pool or spa, we can make sure there aren’t any unaddressed maintenance or safety issues before you move in.

We also check your landscaping to make sure there aren’t any problems like rotting trees, damaged irrigation systems, or erosion issues you might not be aware of. Landscaping makes up a part of your homes valuation, and curb appeal is definitely important for both sellers and buyers. If you plan on selling, you might want to go ahead with a pre-listing home inspection. You can address problems before you list and we even offer recommendations that might improve the appraisal value of your home.

Landscaping and Pool Inspections Services Tuscaloosa AL

A B Home Inspections has been serving Tuscaloosa, Northport, and all the surrounding communities for over 17 years. Reach out today to get your inspection scheduled, and take advantage of our same-day reporting service.