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The Importance of a Home Inspection

Home inspections can seem kind of unnecessary sometimes. But what if we told you that getting a home inspection could save you from spending unnecessary money and tell you exactly what you’re getting for the money you do spend? Great, right? That’s why we’re writing...

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Home Inspection HORRORS

(And Why You Should NEVER Skip a Home Inspection) Thinking of skipping a home inspection? Well, we have seven reasons why that’s a terrible idea and a thousand other reasons why you’ll be regretting that for the rest of your time as a homeowner. Keep reading for some...

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What Happens if My Home Inspection Fails?!

When selling a house, getting a home inspection is almost always a big part of the deal and it also carries with it a lot of stress and fear. But what happens if you fail a home inspection? Will the buyer walk away? Will there be a list of things you have to do to get...

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What is a Home Inspection Seller’s Credit?

It’s natural for a home inspector to find issues with the house. Especially if it was listed “as is” and there isn’t anything about repairs being made in the contract after a home inspection. However, sometimes the price can be negotiated, or a buyer can receive...

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What if my Home Inspector Ignores Problems?

The clock is ticking toward closing day and there’s a lot of things you have to do before it officially arrives. One of those things is a Home Inspection! But wait. What if your home inspector ignores problems or doesn’t listen to the concerns you have about the house...

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Home Inspection DEAL BREAKERS

Purchasing a home but you’re not sure about what should be a deal breaker after the home inspection? Not to worry, because we’ve put together a list of the real deal breakers just for you, plus all of the things that shouldn’t be deal breakers. Because why stress if...

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Finding Inspiration in Montevallo, AL

Sometimes you need to take a break from work and visit nature. That’s why I took a break from Inspecting Homes in and around Tuscaloosa last week to visit Orr Park for a relaxing afternoon. The city of Montevallo is an eclectic mix of small town Main Street America...

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