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What Happens If My Home Inspector Kills The Deal? - Tuscaloosa Home Inspections

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What Happens If My Home Inspector Kills The Deal

There are lots of reasons why people get nervous when it comes to home inspections. If you’re selling, you’re going to be nervous about the home inspector uncovering an expensive repair and the buyer backing out at the last minute. If you’re buying a house, you may be nervous about what the home inspector might find that will get in between you and your dream home. Even the realtor is probably nervous about what’s going to be uncovered during a home inspection. So what happens if a home inspector kills the deal anyway?

Not Actually a Deal Killer

In the end, it’s not actually a home inspector that kills the deal. The actual deal killers are uninformed buyers, sellers, and inexperienced realtors. Home inspectors have one job. This job is to run a thorough investigation of the house and help the buyer make an informed decision about purchasing. They look at the foundation of the home, the walls, the roof, plumbing and electrical wiring as well as the surrounding area and document everything. This process makes the seller nervous, the buyer nervous and even the realtor nervous. Most of the time, the inspector is not intending to make anyone nervous. He’s just doing his job! But if the home inspector isn’t the deal killer, who is?

Be an Informed Buyer.

As a buyer, if you’re not informed about what may really be a serious issue and what isn’t, you may end up killing a good deal without knowing it, or making a purchase that would’ve been better walking away from. Ask questions. Do your research. Have realistic expectations before going into a home inspection. There will always be issues with a house. The real question is, what is a deal breaker for you? If a house needs a new roof and has foundational issues, it may be a good idea for you to kill the deal. However, some things are easy fixes and aren’t  very expensive. In some cases, you can negotiate price by having a home inspection and fixing minor issues, unless there was something in the contract about the seller making repairs. Either way, it’s always wise to be prepared and informed.

Don’t Panic!

Don’t panic just because your home inspection report is thirty pages long with at least a couple dozen photographs. The truth is that technology has improved immensely over the last several years and this has made home inspections more thorough. The downside to this is that the reports end up looking complicated and scary, which leads to frustrated sellers and panic-stricken buyers. The important thing to remember is to take some time to digest the report, do your research and save any impulsive reactions for your roommate’s crazy idea for living room paint colors.

Actual Deal Killers

A home inspector isn’t out to kill any deals. Their job is to outline the issues and possible concerns. Think about a home inspector as a messenger. It’s easy to blame them when a deal gets left at the table, but in reality, the only deal killers are the house, the buyer, and the seller. After a home inspection, it’s natural for a buyer to get frightened over how many repairs that may be needing their attention. A home inspection may also be an excuse for cold feet and a buyer may leave the deal at the table and walk away.

In the end, there are a lot of reasons a home inspector could find that will make a buyer want to kill the deal. That’s why it’s important to be informed and not to panic at the first sight of trouble. Ask questions, get a report, talk to the seller and state concerns. Negotiate. Getting a home inspection is one of the best things you can do for your home and it makes purchasing a home less stressful as well as giving you an informed decision about how to proceed in your home-buying venture. Are you currently buying or selling a home? Schedule a home inspection today.