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What Happens if My Home Inspection Fails?! - Tuscaloosa Home Inspections

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When selling a house, getting a home inspection is almost always a big part of the deal and it also carries with it a lot of stress and fear. But what happens if you fail a home inspection? Will the buyer walk away? Will there be a list of things you have to do to get your house ready before it can be sold? Luckily for you, you’ve come to a great place for answers.

The Good News

First of all, we have some great news. You can’t actually pass or fail a home inspection. A home inspector won’t even be checking market value or local code compliance. Nope! A home inspector is simply gathering information about the house so that you and potential buyers will be well informed and prepared.

Guarantee a Smooth Home Inspection

What is the best way to go about being prepared for a home inspection? One of the most important things you can do it be honest with the home inspector. If there is an issue, he’ll find it anyway. Show the buyers that you’re honest and mean business. Having someone out to do a roof inspection is a good idea. If there ends up being an issue, you can have someone estimate the cost and get it repaired before an inspection. Saving a buyer worry will shrink the possibility of them backing out at the last minute. You can also guarantee the smoothness of a home inspection by getting rid of clutter, checking the drainage and making sure all of the floors in the house are even.

What to Expect from a Home Inspection

A home inspector is going to be looking at the bare bones of the house, from the top of the roof to the foundation below. They’re going to do a thorough job of being certain that nothing is forgotten. The report will probably be several pages long, and remember: There is no pass or fail. No. house. is. perfect! There will be issues, so preparing yourself and having a plan is the best thing you can do.

How to Handle a Bad Inspection Report

Every house is going to have a few issues. You may be aware of some issues prior to a home inspection. But if the report comes back loaded with negatives you hadn’t prepared for, what’s next? Don’t Panic. The buyer may back out of the deal, but more likely you can negotiate a sale price or fix things up prior to closing..

How Long Will It Take To Get Results?

So you’re probably wondering how long it takes to get the results from a home inspection. This is a good question. However, the amount of time it takes for the inspector to get back to you varies from company to company. They could give you results on the spot if they have a portable printer, but often it takes between 24-48 hours for a full inspection report.

In the end, you can’t fail an inspection. Don’t worry about what may be wrong with your home, just be prepared to negotiate or fix things up as necessary. We realize that home inspections can be daunting, but they’re really just a way to inform and provide peace of mind for the buyer as well as for you. Take a deep breath, relax, and remember that there’s no reason to fear that which you can’t fail.

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