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(And Why You Should NEVER Skip a Home Inspection)

Thinking of skipping a home inspection? Well, we have seven reasons why that’s a terrible idea and a thousand other reasons why you’ll be regretting that for the rest of your time as a homeowner. Keep reading for some real home inspection horror stories that, whether you’re a buyer or seller, might keep you up at night.

“I Know Construction! I’ll just do it Myself!”

Looking at a house yourself prior to buying or selling doesn’t count as a home inspection. Don’t believe us? Well here comes the first real horror story.

A newlywed couple that lives pretty modestly is interested in purchasing what looks to be the picture perfect house. The bride’s father is a contractor, so instead of hiring a certified home inspector, he comes out and gives a thumbs up on the house after a twenty-minute walk-through. What’s better than a free inspection, right? Well, what the couple doesn’t know is that there are major plumbing problems and there are structural issues in every corner of the house. Now they’re going to be paying thousands of dollars in repairs that could’ve been negotiated if a certified home inspector had been the one to “take a look around”. So what is really saving you money? Certainly not skipping a home inspection!

“I Can’t Afford a Home Inspection.”

Oftentimes, buyers will skip the home inspection simply because they can’t afford it. On one hand, this seems understandable and reasonable. On the other hand though, if you can’t afford the inspection, you can’t afford the house. Hiring a home inspector won’t cost nearly as much as the new roof you’ll have to purchase if you weren’t aware it needed to be replaced prior to buying the house.

“What Could Go Wrong?”

If you’re seriously thinking about not getting a home inspection, consider all of the things that might go wrong. From electrical problems that could burn the house down 24 hours after purchase to extensive termite damage, getting a home inspection may be one of the best decisions you ever make as a buyer. There’s only one way to be completely informed when it comes to your house. And what is that? Why a home inspection of course!


Getting a home inspection will mean that you never have to worry about things like finding a snake infestation in your crawl space, (Yes, that really has happened), finding out about a rat or termite problem after a purchase has already been made, realizing the house is unstable or even has a leaky roof. Think “Snakes on a Plane” only the plane is your house and the fuselage is about to fall apart. A home inspection is going to give you peace of mind about what exactly you’re buying.

Still not sure about whether or not getting a home inspection is worth it? Think about it like this: Would you ever blindly purchase a car without first giving it a glance and taking it for a cruise around the street? Most likely, you’ll want to really check out the investment you’re going to make by talking to a mechanic and giving it a test drive. Do the same for your house. Be informed. Know what you’re buying. Get the peace of mind that comes with having hard evidence about the condition of your house and don’t allow your house buying experience to be a real-life horror story.