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Sometimes you need to take a break from work and visit nature. That’s why I took a break from Inspecting Homes in and around Tuscaloosa last week to visit Orr Park for a relaxing afternoon. The city of Montevallo is an eclectic mix of small town Main Street America and a modern liberal arts college town. I stopped for a great cup of coffee at Eclipse and chatted with some of the students from the University of Montevallo, but that’s not the main reason for my trip. Aside from the work I needed to get done at a local business that morning, I made the trek over here to visit Orr Park. The park is known for the carvings of a local artists who works on the stumps and sides of trees in the park. We’re fans of his work! He seems to let nature decide what to carve into the wood based on shape, contour, texture, and location. I left town refreshed, inspired, and ready to get back to work inspecting homes and commercial spaces. If you ever have a chance to visit Monetvallo, Alabama, make a trip to Orr Park and enjoy the beauty. And of you live there, I’ll gladly come out to inspect your home so I can have a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee in the park after all the work’s dome.

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